Monday, January 30, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Boline

The boline is a small, white-handled knife used for more mundane aspects of wicca - it is basically a utility knife as opposed to the ritualistic athame.  I keep mine next to my athame on the right hand - or god - side of my altar.  While the sickle shape is popular, it can be expensive and difficult to find.  Mine is actually a paring knife, though that is a little small and I am on the lookout for a slightly larger knife.  The boline can be used in cooking and preparing sabbat meals, in cutting herbs from the garden and carving runes or other images into candles.  This morning I used mine to free a wick that had become embedded in candle wax and then to carve the triple goddess symbol into a white candle I often use on Mondays (Moon Day).  If you heat the tip of the blade in the candle flame, it's a little easier to begin the carving.  Be careful - blood letting is not necessary! 

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