Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Night

If you have not yet performed your Samhain ritual, follow the link to a very cool one I found at  It basically involves invoking the Goddess and God and asking them to watch over you and your ancestors as the year dies and the new year is reborn.  It allows you to let go of the past and consider what you'd like to accomplish in the coming year as well as reflecting on your family and loved ones who have passed on.  Even if you can't gather all the items and prepare the altar, it's worth reading just for reflection and awareness.  (If you can do the candles, though, it's pretty cool to watch them almost go out and then flare back up again!)
Thanks to Cyndi for the eerily cool tree photo!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali!

Today is Diwali, the Festival of Lights celebrating the Hindu New Year.  It is a time to laugh, enjoy life, and be grateful for the abundance of the Earth.  Along with Ganesha, Lakshmi is honored today.  She is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. She is said to bring good luck, and is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of misery and money-related sorrows.  May she shine on you!  It is the new moon today and also a time for divination and introspection.  As the days grow colder and darker use your down time to grow your inner garden - plant thoughts and dreams you would like to cultivate during the fall and winter months ahead.  Blessed be!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Countdown to Samhain

Just posted my first quilted project on Etsy.  It's a Hallowe'en themed candlemat and it was so fun to make!  I definitely want to do more quilting in the future.  I would love to make a quilted robe to wear for outdoor rituals, with appliques of various pagan symbols.  Have a happy day, my darlings, and here is a blessing I have found calming and inspirational.  I incorporate it into my daily ritual right after invoking the Goddess and God:
Bless me, my Lord and Lady, for I am your child.
Bless my mind that I may know your truth and wisdom.
Bless my voice that I may speak with kindness.
Bless my heart that I may know your love and let your light shine through.
Bless my womb that I may be aware of all life.
Bless my knees that kneel at your sacred altar.
Bless my feet that they may tread the path of rightness and reverence.
Bless my hands that they may be instruments of creation and healing.
Bless me, my Lord and Lady, for I am your child.