Monday, November 5, 2012

Harvesting herbs

I have finally harvested my surviving herbs for winter.  I collected them after the morning dew had dried, then covered them with very hot water for a couple of minutes to retain their color and remove bacteria.  Now the kitchen is redolent with rosemary.  I also have lemon thyme and parsley, but clearly rosemary is the queen of the kitchen!

Here is the parsley waiting for its bath.

Next, the lemon thyme drying.


Finally, the rosemary in a ziploc baggie, ready for the freezer. 

 The nights have been freezing but the days are still sunny. With a little luck, maybe I'll be able to get another harvest before they go dormant! I'm guessing it's my kitchen's northwestern exposure, but herbs don't seem to do very well inside for me. Still, I'll bring the parsley in and try again this winter.