Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pagan Blog Project Week 2


Stones and crystals can be a fun and colorful aspect of your magickal working.  Coming from the ground, stones are full of mother earth’s power and energy. 
When you first receive your stone, wash it in salt and/or water to rid it of any negative energy – you don’t know where it’s been!  Charge the stone by leaving it outside under the light of the full moon. The next day you can place it on your altar or fashion it into a pendant or pouch to wear around your neck.

I only have a small assortment so far, mostly from the Pagan Pride festival I went to last summer.  One of the stones I was most drawn to because of its lavender color was the amethyst.  When I read about it, it quickly became a particular favorite.  Its properties are said to be calming, centering and healing. Purple crystals are thought to aid with receptive and spiritual energies.  The color purple is associated with magick, royalty and the gods. 

Amethyst is a radiant gemstone, meaning that its energies are expansive. It is said that when you meditate with amethyst you are helping the Earth, because the violet ray will help to transform the entire world into a better place. It is the most highly valued stone in the quartz group. It has many supernatural powers and brings luck, ensures constancy and protects against magic (I’m guessing negative magic directed at you from others) and homesickness. It has long been known to help against drunkenness. (Maybe I should sink it into my wine goblet!)

Physical uses

Hold the amethyst near your temples to alleviate tension and migraine headaches, as well as to reduce stress and anxiety.
Violet has a calming effect upon the nervous system. Insomnia may be relieved by gently rubbing an amethyst on the temples or forehead.
In directing the energy of the amethyst to the lungs, relief may be obtained from asthma and circulation problems.

Spiritual uses

Amethyst promotes spirituality, protection and peace.  It is an excellent focus during meditation. It is here to teach the lesson of humility, to “Let go and let god.” Amethyst is very useful for people grieving over lost loved ones, as it subliminally communicates that there is no death. It is recommended for stimulating greater love and attuning with healing forces. You can recharge your own energy by holding an amethyst over the crown chakra, third eye, or heart chakra where a very high vibration centered in love, balance and harmony will be transferred.

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  1. I can most definitely say that amethyst is one of my FAVORITE stones! Purple is one of my favorite colors. This stone just has so many great properties that we all need, especially nowadays with how fast paced and hectic everything is! Great post Kathy!

  2. Great post! I'm absolutely addicted to amethyst! I have everything from amethyst chips to a cathedral I lovingly call "The Toddler" (because is weighs as much as one).