Monday, January 23, 2012

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Book of Shadows

I have been practicing Wicca for about a year and a half now and my book of shadows have been small blank books where I write info, spells and thoughts that have come to me during meditation.  This year I decided to start a loose-leaf binder so I could better organize my information as well as incorporating things I find on the internet (including info from all our blogging!).  I chose a green 3" binder and I want to do some scrapbooking to personalize it.  I also have sheet protectors for my printed pages so they'll hold up better through all the referencing.
It will be more manageable since I can divide the info into sections for correspondences, Sabbats, spells, recipes, and so on. 

It's nice to have a history of your spells and rituals so that when you're not feeling the magick, you can flip back and see where a spell you worked several months ago has come to fruition in ways you couldn't foresee at the time.  It's such an inspiration for confirming your trust in the goddess and the workings of the universe.  Blessed be!


  1. I keep both a notebook and a folder - the notebook I take with me when I travel, so that I can still note down inspirational thoughts. But I never really thought about scrapbooking my folder - I'll definitely give this a go now that you've inspired me!

    1. Thanks! I like your idea of 2 notebooks as well!

  2. Your binder looks great! I have several binders - one for my Teaching Circle, one for Sabbats and Esbats and one is my 'working' Shadow Book. I also have a hand-written Shadow Book with God and Goddess devotions and aspect notes, along with some of the first rituals I did years ago. I really like the binder format though - and yes - page protectors do help save your pages!
    Thanks for sharing!

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