Friday, March 16, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Fawn

My Wiccan name is Fawn.  For months I tried to come up with a cool name.  Raven is a popular Wiccan name and I love crows anyway, what with their being guides through the underworld and all.  But it didn’t quite fit.  I tried variations, such as Bran (Welsh for crow).  Still not right. I moved on to the relatives: magpie, rook, blue jay – you get the idea.  No click.  Then one day during meditation, a name just came to me…Fawn.  I wasn’t happy.  I was going for wings and coolness and I get a timid, helpless little creature?  But there was no denying it fit my nature.  So I tried it out - fawns are cute, they’re gentle, sweet, playful and even kind of mysterious if you count that elusive factor.  OK, Fawn it was.  I found a tiny raffia fawn at Pier 1 and it lives on my altar.

And of course, it can also mean Faun – that mischievous half-human, half-goat creature featured in myth and Shakespeare.  Being a Capricorn, I have an affinity for Pan and Puck.  It seems to have been a pretty inspired name after all!

So don’t despair if you’re having trouble naming yourself.  Give the gods and goddesses some time, listen and they’ll whisper it to you!


  1. Nice post! All things in Divine timing :) Fawn/Faun is a beautiful name.

  2. Nice read + Great Pics - The name that came to me in spiritual illumination was "Wolf Angel" = a lone protector, not to be confused with an Angelic killer ... I hope :)

    1. LOL! Awesome name. I like your connotation. :)