Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy (posted belatedly) Ostara!

I wanted to light a bonfire this morning to greet the dawn but it has been snowing lightly off and on for the past few days and my kindling is too damp.  I was able to set up a mini altar outside and my candles are staying lit - green for the life returning to the earth, yellow for the sun shining longer in the sky and purple for the goddess.  A bunny and lamb, symbols of spring, are there as well. Earlier I poured a bowl of milk and honey in my yard as an offering to the garden fairies and gnomes.  Apparently one of the neighbors' cats left her own offering - a little dead sparrow. 
Life is returning to the garden.  Shoots are coming up for daffodils, tulips and crocuses.  Some of my herbs are turning green again, most noticeably the wormwood.

It's time for spring cleaning and for psychically cleansing your home by walking through each room with incense or salt or even scented water to banish all negativity. If you wish you can use this time as a fresh start. I'm intent on bringing more r&r into my life - sleeping more, playing more and carving out time for the things that are important to me instead of making them wait til everything else is crossed off my to do list!
May the growing days bring you health, wealth and joy.  And if you're below the equator, may the growing nights bring you the same!

Blessed be!

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