Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Elementals

I wrote about dwarves in one of my "d" blogs but now I would like to expand to include all four - or five - elementals.  When I first set up my altar, I chose something to represent each of the four elements:  sea salt for Earth, incense for Air, a candle for Fire and a goblet for Water. Later, I read about elementals and liked the idea of a "creature" to represent each.  Now I envision them when I call on the four quarters.
I begin by welcoming the dwarves of the earth as I face north and use my athame to draw a pentragram in the dish of sea salt.

Next, I welcome the sylphs of the air as I face east and light incense. 

Thirdly, I welcome the salamanders of fire as I face south and light a candle. 
And I welcome the undines of water as I face west and sprinkle sea salt into the water.   
You may find yourself drawn to one elemental in particular. For instance, if you're an earth sign or close to nature, hearth and home, you may be attracted to gnomes.
Intellectual, creative and "windy" or talkative types may find sylphs or fairies attractive.
If you possess a passionate and volatile personality, salamanders may fire your imagination.
And if your emotions run deep, you may have an affinity for undines or water creatures.
(Of course, you can always use candles to represent all four quarters: green for earth, yellow for air, red for fire and blue for water.) 
Lastly, the pentacle in the center of my altar represents Akasha, or the 5th element of spirit that binds all energies together.

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