Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - Cauldron

It's amazing how inspiration works!  When I started practicing Wicca, a cauldron shortly became high on my list of desired tools.  All the ones I liked (and were big enough) cost more than I wanted to spend.  One day it "just occured to me" to use my cast iron dutch oven.  It was perfect!  It can contain a small bonfire, works for water scrying, and now has the added benefit of feeling magick when I actually cook in it!
To use it for a little bonfire, start on a fireproof surface (a hearth, patio or even a trivet) and away from flammable objects such as curtains, altar cloths, etc.  Pour equal amounts of epsom salts and rubbing alcohol in the bottom.  Carefully light it and cast your spell while the flame burns.
For water scrying, fill the cauldron with water and set it where it will ideally catch the full moon's reflection.  Scott Cunningham also recommends placing a piece of silver in the cauldron and letting the moonlight reflect off of that. 
For more mundane tasks such as cooking a Sabbat meal or "cakes and ale", this oven is perfect for roasting potatoes, heating apple cider, chicken and dumplings, etc.
Happy magickal workings!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I've always wanted a cauldron, too, but could never afford one. But thanks to you the large pot my mum gave me will finally be put to a good use! :-)

  2. I got my larger, more traditional cauldron from a pagan shop; but got my smaller, more practical cauldron from the World Market for a much cheaper price. Gotta think outside the box! Blessings. ~)O(~

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