Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Blessings

First of all, it's snowing, so water for the plants! My baby oak trees are a year old and dropping acorns like crazy. I was wondering what to do with them when the blue jays swooped in and solved the problem for me. Nature is pretty amazing!
Between the shorter days and cold wind, I've been preferring my couch to a walk around the park. Then I discovered all the workout dvds you can find at the library. So far I think this is my favorite:
It has great music and incorporates other moves into the walk so you don't get bored. It can all be done in a very small space in your living room and is a lot of fun. Plus the instructor is so nice and upbeat - the time flies by and I really enjoyed working out while watching the snow fly!
Enjoy your day!

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