Friday, September 21, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - M is for Mabon

The autumnal equinox is upon us just as the stores are breaking out Thanksgiving decorations.  Happily, that makes it a little easier to say goodbye to summer and fill our homes and deck our altars with symbols of the harvest.  I found a mat of oak leaves at Kohl's:
a small tealight lantern at Target:

and these owls at Pier 1:

If you have a garden you may be enjoying late blooming flowers or the ripe fruits of summer. 

Thanks to an abundant little tree, I've been able to make peach pies, grilled peaches, peach salsa and still have enough left over to give a friend for her Yule peach brandy! I've learned how to roast sunflower seeds and eggplant.
But the best harvest of all has been my grandson, Riley, born this past spring!

Here in northern Nevada you can feel summer beginning to give way to fall as the light changes, the days grow shorter and the nights cooler.  I can feel my energy changing from the activity of summer to the contemplative focus of fall and winter.  As nature is doing, it's time for us to turn inward and become dormant, conserving our energy for what we want to germinate come spring.  May your life yield a rich harvest that will sustain you through the winter.  Blessed be!

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