Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Countdown to Samhain

Just posted my first quilted project on Etsy.  It's a Hallowe'en themed candlemat and it was so fun to make!  I definitely want to do more quilting in the future.  I would love to make a quilted robe to wear for outdoor rituals, with appliques of various pagan symbols.  Have a happy day, my darlings, and here is a blessing I have found calming and inspirational.  I incorporate it into my daily ritual right after invoking the Goddess and God:
Bless me, my Lord and Lady, for I am your child.
Bless my mind that I may know your truth and wisdom.
Bless my voice that I may speak with kindness.
Bless my heart that I may know your love and let your light shine through.
Bless my womb that I may be aware of all life.
Bless my knees that kneel at your sacred altar.
Bless my feet that they may tread the path of rightness and reverence.
Bless my hands that they may be instruments of creation and healing.
Bless me, my Lord and Lady, for I am your child.

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